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Need climbing or camping gear then visit the friendly faces at Wild Iris Mountain Sports, right across Main Street from The Bike Mill. 

The Lander Cycling Club website has area info, group ride times, and maps for good road biking routes.

Biking Trails:

Johnny Behind the Rocks

Head southeast out of Lander on Highway 287/789 toward Rawlins. In 8 miles turn left at the Rawlins junction to stay on Highway 287/789. The parking area will be about 6 miles after the junction on the left. Open the gate and cross the cattle guard to enter the parking area for Johnny Behind the Rocks. Leave the gate as you found it. There is no sign at this time in the parking lot but the Lander Cycling Club is working on it. 

The Lander Cycling Club has been putting in major effort in building and improving trails here. Please do not ride the trails when they are wet or muddy. The area is great in late spring, early summer, and fall. It gets a bit hot here in the summer. Early morning rides are doable but watch for rattle snakes. This area is also popular with horses, runners, and hikers so be courteous and remember bikes yield to other users. The area is a mix of easy, intermediate, and difficult trail.

From the parking lot two trails take off. Red ridge takes off to the west, or left, 20 feet down the two track heading north out of the parking lot. There is usually a carsonite post with the trail name and direction on it but it keeps getting driven over or knocked down. Red Ridge starts off with a steep climb and then follows red ridge for a bit. Beautiful views of the winds. This a two directional trail and many ride it come down to the parking lot verses going up. 

The other trail, Johnny's Draw, takes off right from the parking lot on a two track heading east that quickly becomes single track. The trail winds up the draw and intersects with many other trails. All should be marked with carsonsite signs with trail names, direction, and difficulty. Map of this area coming soon.

Sinks Canyon

The Lander Cycling Club is starting to work with the USFS this summer on trail building within the canyon. This area is great in the summer as it stays a bit cooler. Do not ride the trails when wet. Be respectful of other users as this area is popular with all user groups.

Catalyst: Drive up the Loop Road to the first legitimate parking area on the left. This is the fossil hill parking area and is located on the backside of fossil hill. There is a pit toilet in the gravel parking lot. Park in the parking lot and ride the two track heading east out of the end of the parking lot. Just past the cattle guard the single track Catalyst trail takes off heading northeast. It will trend up the hillside. There is no sign. This trail is a mix of intermediate and difficult levels. It makes a great shuttle ride with one vehicle left at the warming hut parking lot. It can also be ridden as a loop by parking at Bruce's bridge, last paved parking lot in Sinks Canyon before heading up the loop road, riding up the loop road to the fossil hill parking area and to the Catayst trail. Ride back up the canyon using the cross country ski trails to Bruce's Bridge parking area. After 4-5 miles Catalyst drops steeply into the canyon and intersects with the Cross County Ski Trails. 

Cross County Ski Trails: Easy single track mixed with non motorized double track in the bottom of sinks canyon next to the Popo Agie river. The top of the canyon is USFS but the bottom is State Park. No bikes allowed on sate park trails. There will be signs at the wooden buck and rail fence that denote the boundary. Park at the warming hut or Bruce's bridge.

Sheep's Bridge: Best as a shuttle ride. Bribe someone to take you and your bike up the Loop Road to the Worthen Meadows Trail area. Drive all the way to the end of the Worthen's Meadows road and park in the large dirt lot overlooking Worthen Meadow's reservoir. The Sheep's bridge trail takes off behind the pit toilet  This trail climbs slightly and then heads down steep, rocky terrain for 2 miles where it intersects with the Middle Fork Trail at Sheep's Bridge. Head east or downhill down the middle fork trail for 7 miles. This trail will end at the Bruce's Bridge parking area where you can pick up your car or ride all the way down the canyon back into Lander. It is all downhill. This trail is difficult but very fun and scenic. Do not ride any other trails from the Worthen Meadows area as they quickly cross into the wilderness area where bikes are not allowed. This a popular trail with hikers and horse packers. Be courteous and yield to other users. 

The Bus Loop

From The Bike Mill head west down Main Street toward Safeway. Turn left at the light onto Baldwin Creek Road. You will drive past the high school on the right. About 4 miles after the Main Street Baldwin Creek Road intersect you will see a parking area on the right that dips down below the road. Park here. The trails are across the road. There is no signage, just lots of single and non motorized double track to ride. Easy, intermediate, and difficult trails. The slick rock areas to the west are very cool. This area is about 2 square miles in size and managed by BLM and the State of Wyoming. Very popular with all user groups, be respectful. Can be sandy in the summer and hot. 


Lander is lucky to be surrounded by BLM and Forest Service land. That means once you get out of town you can primitive camp almost anywhere. There are a few areas that are a bit more established, see below.

City Park:

This free camping is only a few blocks from downtown Lander. From The Bike Mill head west (toward Safeway) on Main Street. Turn left onto South 3rd Street. South 3rd Street will take you right into city park. You can set up your tent anywhere on the right hand side, toward the back, in the grass. # day limited. Bathrooms but no shower. 

Sinks Canyon:

There are four camping options in Sinks Canyon. All are on the left hand side of the road as you head up the canyon on state highway 131. Listed below as you head up the canyon.

Sawmill Campground: Right in the mouth of the canyon within Sinks Canyon State Park. No bikes allowed on any state park trails. Furthest from the biking trails on BLM or USFS land.. Three camping spots, a group shelter, playground, and bathrooms. 

Popo Agie Campground: About midway up the canyon, within the State Park. 24 nice sites with a mix of tent and pull through style. Bathrooms and water available. Tables and fire pits at each site.

Campground at the Warming Hut.: Just past the cattle guard on the left, about 2/3 of the way up the canyon. This campground is on USFS land but managed privately  Road drops down to campground and a large parking lot. Sites are along road paralleling the river. Water and bathrooms available. Tables and fire pits at every site. 

Free camping just past the Missouri Geological Camp on USFS land. More primitive than the rest. One pit toilet. Limited sites. Please do not drive down to the river or drive off track in wet or muddy conditions. 

The Loop Road

There are several established campgrounds and primitive camping along the loop road. This road is only open during the summer, about June through October, and is closed for winter weather.