All services, from shock rebuilds to wheel building, is done in house at our shop in Lander. We will not ship your bike parts anywhere. This means quick turnaround time so you can be back on your bike riding sooner than ever. Our highly trained mechanics can fix and work on any bike or part. We love working on bikes, all kinds of bikes. Bring it in and we will troubleshoot your issue. Labor $50 per hour. With all services, the expense of replacement parts is additional.

Three levels of bike tuning:

Level 1: Bike Wash Plus - $15

This service includes a complete bike wash, tire pressure check, lubrication of drive train, and inspection for damaged components or necessary work.

Level 2: Basic tune - $35

This service includes a quick inspection of the bike and minor adjustments.

Level 3: Full Tune: - $60

This service includes all Basic level services plus a bike wash. Additionally make any necessary adjustments (hub, headset, bottom bracket, True, etc..). Any rebuild services or adjustments that require disasembly are additional.

Specialty Services:

Suspension Fork Service: Replace seals, oil and lubricate fork. Cost varies depending on fork; Most fall in the $80 –$ 180 dollar range.

Rear Shock Service: Replace seals, oil and lubricate shock. Cost varies depending on shock; Services start around $40.

Bike Quick Fit: Adjustment of bike (stem, seat post, bars, cranks, brake lever position, etc...) $40.

Tubeless Tire Modification: Replacing traditional tube tires with tubeless set up. Cost depends on desired and needed parts.

Brake System Bleed: Hydraulic brake fluid bleed and or replacement. Services start around $20.

Tire and/or Tube Change: Replacing punctured tube or worn out tire. Typical cost is $10-$20.