All services - from suspension rebuilds to wheel building - are done in-house at our shop in Lander. What that means for you is fast turnaround so you can get back to riding. Our technicians can provide a solution to any mechanical issue. We also offer practical advice for upgrades and modifications free of charge. Just bring your bicycle in for an on-the-spot assessment! 

Our labor rate is $60 per hour. All prices are estimated based on time to complete service. Labor quotes do not reflect additional time for cleaning, extra disassembly, shop supplies or replacement parts.

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A la Carte Services:

Flat Repair - $6 to $12 - Got a flat tube? We'll get you rolling ASAP.

Wheel True - $20 - Roll straight, ride safe.

Derailleur Adjustment - $10 - Change gears and keep the gear you are in.

Bike Wash Plus - $15 - This service includes a complete bike wash, tire pressure check, lubrication of drive train, and quick inspection for obvious repairs.

Bike Quick Fit - $40 - Adjustment of contact points to feel good on your bike.

Tubeless Wheel Setup - $20/wheel - Your wheels have the greatest effect on how your bike handles and weight does matter. Tubeless ready? Do it. “Some parts may be necessary”

Brake Service - Varies -  You like to ride confidently, so your braking is worth taking seriously. Hydraulic systems can be tricky so we determine the appropriate measures to dial your stopping power. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Full System Bleed - $20

  • Lever/Short Bleed - $10

  • Lubricate Pistons - $10

  • Pad Adjust/Replace - $10

Suspension Services:

Suspension Fork Service: Your mountain bike's ability to perform is largely determined by your suspension tuning. Regular service will extend the life of those expensive components and ultimately make riding your bike more fun. Service intervals vary between manufacturers and models. Typical riding conditions recommend service every 50 hours of use. Please refer to your owners manual. The following are labor quotes, the seal kits vary in price depending on the component we are servicing and are not included.

Basic Fork Service - Lowers - $60 - This service is recommended for a well functioning fork as routine maintenance. Service includes:

  • Dust wipers replacement

  • Oil replacement

  • Lubrication of main seals

Full Fork Rebuild - Uppers & Lowers - $120 - This service is recommended annually to extend the life and performance of your fork. Service includes Basic Service, plus:

  • Main and damper seals replacement

  • Damper oil and lubricating oil replacement

Rear Shock Service - Air Sleeve - $40 - Recommended at the same interval as routine maintenance for your fork: every 50 hours riding.

  • Replace seals, oil, and lubricate shock.